The Queen’s Code in Action

My dearheart works hard all week in a city far from home. There are not enough hours in the weekend for him to get one fifth of what he’d like to get done. Add in a new puppy, and he’s flat out the whole time.

This weekend, he so wanted to get some stuff out of the house and staged to move onto its next home or final resting place. And he did.


Now all that stuff is taking up the space where my Camry likes to spend the night. 

Pre-QC, I’d have been angry that he left the stuff there. But, today I remembered — he had a good reason for doing it that way. And I was truly ok with it.

Now, the fact is, I do want to be able to park my car in the garage because we’re supposed to have several rainy days this week. But I can make the necessary adjustments and make it happen, all the while accepting that he had a good reason for doing it the way he did.

Can I just say that that book has changed my life? Yeah, it has. 

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