Top ten lessons I’ve learned since I got a dog

1. I can stop saying I’m not a dog person now. It appears that I actually am.

2. Having a dog is making me a better parent.

3. I have a reason to spend time outside now.

4. The internet is a boon to mankind. Well, I already knew that one, but it’s a great resource to learn how to dog.

5. Kepler loves having a dog. “I wuv Toast, Mom.”

6. Having a dog has made me more playful.

7. I love having a dog small enough to carry around. Toast, full-grown, will be too big to carry, which will be fine, but I never realized how sweet it is to carry around a calm puppy.

8. I have done more gardening since we got Toast than I’ve ever done in my life, probably because we are outside so much.

9. It’ll be a week tomorrow since he came home and I’m about twenty times more confident and comfortable than I was just one short week ago.

10. I’m sold on labradoodles.

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