A special phone call


My phone rang just as Kepler was settling down to sleep. I recognized the number from calls I received from the jail. Must be a system-wide number because he’s in rehab, not jail.

And my son sounds like a completely different person. His voice has energy and enthusiasm which I can’t remember hearing for a very, very long time.

I think the best thing he said was that the first day of rehab, he was feeling anxious about having to be there, but it wasn’t even three days in that his feelings transformed into being glad that he gets to be there.

Thanks to everyone who is thinking of him, praying for him, rooting for him. I was surprised and delighted to hear that this program is being run so well and that it seems to be working so well for him.

What is it Anne Lamott says? One of her books is titled Help, Thanks, Wow. The only three prayers we need. I’m going with Thanks and Wow tonight. Wow. And Thanks.

2 thoughts on “A special phone call

  1. I can almost never figure out what God is doing; even in this circumstance I don’t know, but I do know that He weaves, undoes, restores,zigs, zags, and knows when to plant that beautiful wow event. All yesterday Eli was on my heart and I was privileged to take him again and again before the Throne of Grace. I rejoice with you now at what you heard in Eli’s voice.

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