A Katzenjammer of Miscellany for August 26

1. What is it like to be William, one of our local postal workers who is infamous for his gruff manner? I always dread going to the post office just a little bit because of him. 

2. I suppose it shows my age, but I like Facebook because I get little glimpses of people I don’t see in real life.

3. I suppose it shows my age, but I don’t like Facebook because I only get glimpses of people I’d actually like to see and talk to.

4. Currently, I’m binge-watching Nurse Jackie on Showtime. I’m finding the depiction of addiction very interesting. 

5. I wonder if I am a control freak. 

6. It only took me five months to get the blood drawn the Dr ordered for Kepler. 

7. Got my Apple watch back. Can see both viewpoints; that it’s an expensive item to be able to keep your phone in your pocket, but it’s also an attractive piece of jewelry which makes a cell phone even handier to use.

8. I was famous for a second today when the drunk ex-pastors responded on their podcast to a question I asked them on Facebook and they used my name.

9. I wonder if coupons are really worth the time and effort.

10. Got a cool new bag from Sashbag.com. My Alexander technique teacher was wearing one and I fell for it immediately. 

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