All hands on deck

This post is about our deck. Hence the clever title. Well, our deck and the garden next to it.

A few years ago, we planned blackberries and raspberries. Long story short, they didn’t do well. Today I decided to take the remaining bushes out. 

Whose idea was it to install thorns on every surface of the plant? Not only the stems, but every single leaf is covered with thorns. 

So, while “barefoot gardening” might be a good book title, it’s not a good practice. Ouch.

We have a nice backyard that I barely ever show up in. Now that Toast is here, me and my backyard are like *this.* 

Things are shaping up back there! So, a toast to Toast. 

Slim pickins tonight. Figuring out my days now that the kids are in school and I have a puppy to care for. Reminds me of the days I was afraid to go anywhere because my baby might need to breastfeed. Now it’s about whether the puppy is going to pee on my floor if I miss taking him out in time. I’m sure this will pass, but it’s a little limiting at the moment.

An experienced dog woman would probably be experiencing this differently. I suppose. But in the meantime, I’ll watch with tenderness as Kepler gets off the bus each day and trades me his backpack for the dog’s leash. “I wuv Toast, mom.”

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