Seriously, Eye Doctor Receptionist?

As the phone rang, I noted the time and the number and realized the eye doctor’s office had made a scheduling error since they were most likely calling to find out where Mr. Taylor was, since he wasn’t at the appointment.

I explained I had changed the appointment to blah blah, which she was able to confirm, and then she said, “we were just hoping he wasn’t wrapped around a tree and that’s why he wasn’t here.”

Hmmm. Catastrophize much? Kind of extreme, I think. Gosh, I hope she wasn’t seriously worried about that. If so, that must be a hella stressful job, man.

I don’t know. I think I’d just leave off the whole “wrapped around a tree” bit. Just say you were expecting him and then listen to the reason he’s not there.

One thought on “Seriously, Eye Doctor Receptionist?

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