Top 10 Things I Learned from the Dog Trainer on Sunday


  1. We must initiate giving attention to Toast, not respond to his nudges and barks and requests for attention. This establishes who is the boss.
  2. To extinguish his jumping, we are to stand perfectly still, and look at the ceiling. Toast is learning very quickly that jumping yields absolutely nothing from us. VERY cool to see Kepler implementing this and having it work beautifully.
  3. Kong makes excellent dog toys and they can be stuffed with a variety of foods.
  4. We do not use his name during correction, only during positive interactions. I confess I did yelp out his name today when I saw him beginning to wee-wee on the floor. But he got way more positive communication from us using his name today than negative.
  5. It is best not to find accidents, which means I have to have my eyes on the dog when he is moving around, and not allow him to go into other rooms unattended.
  6. Trips outside for potty are not to be mixed with trips outside for play. He needs to understand that potty trips are quick out, quick in.
  7. When he mouths/nips/bites, we say “ouch” loudly and substitute a toy immediately. This helps him learn what it’s ok to bite.
  8. Having a highly trained dog is eminently doable.
  9. Mike is a really good trainer.

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