Singing the Hallelujah Chorus This Morning

Greg is home.

That means that this morning when Kepler was too tired to cooperate and get up, I could do the raspberries on the tummy and put on his socks while Greg protected my back from the puppy who is an excitable boy in the mornings. It means that I could pack a lunch for Kepler while Greg took the dog outside and played catch with him for several minutes to work out some of the energy Toast stores up overnight in the crate. It means that I can search YouTube for the perfect rendition of the Messiah while Greg takes Kepler and Toast out to the bus stop. It means that there are TWO people here to do the job of 10, instead of just one person! Happy Friday, y’all. And if you didn’t listen to the Hallelujah Chorus, go ahead. It’s only three and half minutes long and it’s beautiful. You will be energized by such a magnificent piece of music.

3 thoughts on “Singing the Hallelujah Chorus This Morning

  1. Hallelujah indeed! One simple sentence, “Greg is home!” that defines a relief only expressed in that chorus. Now I know one other person who understands. All those crazy years of child rearing and full time job alone repeating the phrase, “I just have to make it to Thursday!”

    Thank you! Hallelujah here, too.

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