Summer is Over; Autumn is Here

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It’s only a matter of minutes until September 23 begins. The internet says that autumn begins at 4:21 am on the 23rd in my time zone. The summer here has been full of beautiful weather, very different from the many years when August was so very hot every day from start to finish.

Now that Toast has come to live with us, I’ve been noticing how the early morning air is getting more brisk as September marches toward October, and I’ve been imagining what it’s going to be like in the early mornings once the temperatures drop below freezing. It’s not going to work to throw on some flip flops (if I can find them; go without otherwise) and hug my arms while I wait for Toast to quickly do his business.

There have been winters where we lived in a place where we had to be outside early in the day and therefore had to brave cold air. I haven’t had to do that for a long time. Yes, I have to walk out to the bus with Kepler in the morning, but by then the sun is up and it’s only for a few minutes and the winters also seem milder. Wait, I might be misremembering. Seems like we have had some crazy cold weather over the past few winters. Anyway, taking Toast out in the mornings has already changed my experience of beginning the day.

I actually love being outside in the early morning, but I currently love sleep more, so I don’t go out unless I have to. Taking Toast out qualifies as having to.

So, fare thee well, summer. I look forward to seeing you again after the winter winds blow through and the spring returns the green.

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