Even if No one Reads

My beloved sends me Seth Godin’s blogs every so often. A couple of days ago, Seth wrote about the importance of shipping even if no one reads it. I suspect he meant even if you have no readers, but I took it to mean even if I write privately. I have continued to write on a daily basis, but just really began to question the value of some of my posts.

But I recognize that we are all on a journey and i don’t want to completely veer off the path we are on. So, I’m back.

I have enjoyed using the app “swype.” It is an alternative keyboard where you, well, swipe across the keyboard and it figures out your word. It requires the use of auto-correct. I liked it for a long time but i was like the frog in the pan. Over and over it would auto-incorrect my email address to bedspread instead of .wordpress. I don’t know how many times i have fixed it, even adding the correct email to the dictionary.

When IOS9 dropped, swype developed an annoying glitch, so i uninstalled it in order to wait for it to be fixed.

While it was gone, I got in touch with the fact that I actually do not like auto-correct at all. Not at all. Greg and I use alternative, funny spellings as we busily text all week while he is gone. Auto-correct does not do well with alternate spellings or phonetic renderings. It is only doing what it is designed to do, but I realized it had become more of a hindrance than a help.

Do you have anything in your life like that? A tool that should make your life easier that actually creates more work for you? Take the next 24 hours and notice if there are things that irritate you and then think about how you might adjust. 

I am doing just fine without auto-correct and am loving the fun of spelling things enny olde weigh i want without my phone thinking it knows best. 

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