And a wonderful birthday was had by all

How sweet it is to be loved.

By husband. By children. By parents. By sisters. By friends.

While Greg and I were out for awhile today, dear daughter helped Kepler wrap a gift for me. Remember that Kepler dearly loves his stuffed animals. And when i opened the gift he had wrapped, here is what I found.

Coont. Dog. And Bird. The actual possession of the animals will not change hands. After all, they are his lovies. But how precious is that that he wrapped them for me to celebrate my birthday?

How sweet it is to be loved.

By the way …

50. I like knowing that I can trust my intuition.

51. I love that I finally discovered David Foster Wallace and love his writing with the love of a thousand eagles.

52. I like that I am an exceptionally reasonable person.

53. I love that I am generous. Didn’t already say that one, did I??

There. The list is complete.

Now I have a challenge for you. Make your own list. Write down 54 things that you like about you. And then tell me you did it and what it was like. Or even send me the list. I’d love to read 54 things you like about you.

It took me a few days to write my list. You might be able to write them all in one hour, but probably not. Stick with it. Once you have your list in written form, it’s there permanently. Perhaps your list could even be a guest post on my blog. I love you all, readers.

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