Daily Archives: October 6, 2015

Why I Recommend the Movie “Driving Lessons”

  1. Ben Kingsley. A wonderful actor. His character is appealing and interesting and I learned things.
  2. Patricia Clarkson. I happen to like her a lot and she was perfect for this character.
  3. There were multiple parallels between Clarkson’s character’s experience learning to drive and her (and our) experience navigating change.
  4. The temple and wedding scenes are a rich tapestry for the eyes. It makes me want to look into the role that color plays in the clothing of Indian men and women. Just beautiful.
  5. I’m all about movies about men and women of a certain age who are still vibrant and willing to learn and able to pick up the pieces and try again.
  6. I felt good at the end of the movie.
  7. Even though the harder choice, not the typical romantic movie choice, was made by the main character.
  8. It was a great reminder of how important community is to our mental health and enjoyment of our lives.
  9. And how staying home out of fear keeps us so limited in our understanding and experiences.
  10. Helped me empathize with the experiences of those of other cultures who are assimilating into American culture.

There are hundreds of reviews of every movie out there. I can only tell you why I liked it. I know that some who read this blog will identify with a lot of these reasons. It’s worth seeing. There was one small issue for me — the camera work made me just a little motion sick, so if that’s an issue for you, maybe watch it on the small screen.