In Which a Refreshed Me Becomes Creative Again

Here is the sewing machine I received for my birthday — in 2014. This is the first time I have used it.

I had a sturdy, dependable Singer sewing machine from 1986 onward and I thought it should last forever. As the years went on, it got crochety, like a lot of us do as we get older. It’s probably still perfectly good — maybe just needs a tune-up or a good going-over by a specialist. But all I knew is it was no fun to use anymore as the problems outweighed the pleasures by far.

So I got a new machine in 2014. I have moved the instructional dvd and the separate quilting board from one desk to the next, from one drawer to another, for over a year. I wasn’t sure I would ever have enough energy to sew again.

One of the lovely effects of my trip to Alaska was a renewed enthusiasm for creating things with my hands. I decided I wanted to make Eli a new weighted blanket awhile back after his was discarded along with the rest of his belongings by his ex-girlfriend. But it wasn’t until I came home from Alaska that the idea became one I felt capable of implementing.

I spent some time in Joann Fabrics the other day, taking in the aisles and aisles of potential there. It didn’t take long to decide on the fabrics for the blanket, and as I waited in line at the cutting table, I discovered an old friend I hadn’t seen for ages, but who knew what was new with me because she reads my blog.

My eminently sensible sister saw the one fabric and asked innocently if I thought it would be hard to work with. I hadn’t even considered that! But her question encouraged me to create a solution for being able to work with it much more easily.

I have never made a weighted blanket before, but I have made many, many baby blankets, and knew it was within my particular skill set to take this on.

When Kepler asked if he could help me tonight, my post-Alaska self welcomed him up onto my lap to help. He sewed with me for a few minutes and that was all he needed to feel complete.

I’ve noticed the back pain I always used to have while sewing or typing is gone. I’ve noticed the drive I had to justcompletethisprojectassoonaspossible is also gone. I find myself enjoying the process and really enjoying being able to enjoy something like this again.

4 thoughts on “In Which a Refreshed Me Becomes Creative Again

  1. I have an old singer that belong to my mother. I had it cleaned by a professional and every since it hasn’t worked right. It honestly would have been cheaper for me to buy a new one. I have always wanted to create but I am so clueless on fabric and what is needed. Look forward to seeing what you make in the future.

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    1. Maybe this brother machine won’t last thirty years like the singer did, but it’s a dream to use and was inexpensive to boot. Will definitely post photo when the blanket is done. Thanks for your comment!


      1. I use a 1975 Bernina my dad wanted to buy me for my birthday when I was 15. I have it serviced every year and parts are replaced when needed. It has all metal parts. Sewing is one of my creative outlets. I am going to show Jackson your video. At this point I can’t imagine he would sit with me and sew but I sure would be fun! Kepler is so adorable.

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      2. My singer was all metal too. Sounds like you have taken great care of it! I can’t really imagine doing much sewing with KEpler in my lap though unless we were making something together as a project. This blanket project has a lot of sewing and i am trying to finish it up this week. Thank you for your sweet comment about Kepler. He is a lot of fun and is getting more and more language all the time. What kinds of things do you sew Lori?


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