Monday, Monday

So good to me. 

These are lyrics from a song by The Association, released in the mid-60s. Looking up the lyrics led me to a discovery that there is a real thing called “sunshine pop,” which is a type of music. 

And thinking about sunshine pop got me to reading about the bands that made that kind of music, which led to

Watching Youtube videos by those bands, but especially The Association, and I remembered the little blue transistor radio I had that played these songs to me.

And i remember how much simpler things seemed to me in the 60s, but I wonder if people born in the 20s felt despair in the 60s about how chaotic the world was getting. Like I feel now about how chaotic the world is getting. 

Like today I was reading some lyrics by a guy who calls himself The Weeknd. It is hard for me to understand how people can write and sing such things as this guy sings and not hang their heads in shame. Listen, I’m an advocate of not feeling shame, but shame seems like it might be appropriate for some of the things people put forth in the name of art and music.

I’m not old in my heart. From the point of view of the twenty-somethings, anyone over 50 is truly ancient. But on this side of 50, I realize that I am certainly not ancient, although my experience over many years has as part the recognition of the changes that are present in culture, in music, in norms. 

My son moved to a sober living transitional house today. I ate food at the restaurant in Ikea for the first time ever today. I drove my sweetie to the airport this morning. Kepler and I went to see The Good Dinosaur, which prompted him to ask me at least 84 times, “What happened to dinosaur dad?” (Spoiler: dinosaur dad gave his life for his son.) 

Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. Sunshine pop. Ah. Never knew there was a thing: although sensed it. Lots of other pop styles though! Not old, just annoyed by crap masquerading as art. And congrats to your son for his transition arrangements. It’s a hard road he walks. Not sure why addicts go to jail in the first instance. Doesn’t really happen here unless crimes against others have been committed such as theft and burglary etc. good luck to him!


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