Putting Christmas Away

How the heck did 2015 speed by so fast?

Kepler and I got most of it put away, after The Guy With The Muscles carried the stuff downstairs.

I am enjoying the fruits of lots of clearing space for joy in our home and my life.

Tomorrow concludes this year. I have some wonderful memories and have had some wonderful experiences this year. Here are 9 that come to mind:

  1. Seeing Ben Folds in concert twice — once with my honey and once with my sweet girl.
  2. Seeing U2 with my lovely daughter.
  3. Another year of love and growth with my dear man, celebrating 30 years of marriage.
  4. Seeing my eldest graduate from college. SO PROUD.
  5. Close to a full year of daily blogging.
  6. Starting Alexander Technique lessons.
  7. Discovered podcast “The One You Feed,” The Queen’s Code, and “All the Light We Cannot See.”
  8. My library adventure with Kepler this summer.
  9. And of course, last and most definitely not least, my life-changing trip to Alaska.

Happy New Years, kiddies.

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