Who’s a Good Boy, Then?

Today was class one of eight in the beginner training class at the dog training center near our home. 

Now, I haven’t written a lot about Toast on my blog. I know there are millions of people who LOVE dogs. And I may be one of those people, but it’s a PROCESS. 

Taking Toast to class gave me a chance to observe him in a group of dogs. He really is an excellent dog and I felt proud of him. He didn’t bark (like Rascal did); he didn’t jump around like a hyperactive beetle, like that Australian shepherd did. He didn’t run circles around me while we walked, like the goldendoodle did to her owner. 

So, I am slooooowly coming to appreciate him. He and Kepler seem to be getting along very well, and, after all, that is the reason we adopted Toast in the first place. 


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