Movie Review of The Big Short

imageor, Why I Hated That Movie So Bad

Greg and I snuck away for a couple hours the other day. We have always enjoyed seeing movies together and we still do. We just don’t get to the theater quite as often. And between Amazon Prime, Netflix, Directv, and the public library, there are thousands more options than we could ever have time for.

At first, we thought maybe we wouldn’t enjoy that movie, but after we talked about who was in it, we thought it might be worth seeing. I mean, Christian Bale amiright.

Reason 1 that I hated this movie so bad: handheld camera. Hate. That. Makes me carsick. Plus it was handheld camera closeup with pounding metal rock in the foreground.

Reason 2 that I hated this movie SO BAD: blah blah blah subprime million billion blah blah tranche mortgage blah blah blah. It’s BAD ENOUGH that the whole thing happened in 2008. Why would I want to see how it all went down in living color.

Reason 3 that I HATED this movie SO bad: After suffering through not nearly enough Christian Bale, entirely too much of a seriously enraged Steve Carrell, weird white lips on Ryan Gosling, and so so much noise, I didn’t even understand it. Yep, that’s right. I don’t understand how they could bet against the mortgage bonds and make money.

Reason 4 that I hated this movie so bad: corruption pisses me off. Just no thanks. I didn’t see one smidgen of redemption in that movie. None. Nada.

Did I like anything? Yes, the part of the story Brad Pitt was in. THAT’S IT.

So, there you have it. One of the few voices who is saying NO THANK YOU. By the way, Greg really enjoyed it and thought it was well-made. So, your mileage may vary.

3 thoughts on “Movie Review of The Big Short

  1. This story fascinates me, along with anything Everest. Go figure.

    It is the ONLY movie I have been to since Boz Scaggs’ The Great Gatsby which I left because it DID make me physically sick…all that noise and camera work.

    However, I did like this movie. I sat with my hand over my mouth, mentally saying, oh my, oh my, oh my.

    I watched the news while the meltdown was happening on business channels and as the agonizing decision was being made about Lehman. And, I had a half million dollar house on the market in a city 1500 miles away from where we were living, paying an adjusted rate mortgage on it and rent in the new place where my husband was hired for the last job (so it seems) available at the time. Our house did sell, the last one in the community for a long time.

    Even though I saw the news and the hearings at the time, it was difficult for me to follow the movie and understand all about why this all took place.

    I DO want to watch it again. The lesson for me? Follow the money on the people running for office.

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