Parents Beware the Red Robin Ziosk!

oI had lunch today with a friend. I had Kepler with me because doctor visit for him. Friend had already ordered when we arrived. The above picture is what Kepler saw when we sat down. Yes, I saw the words “Premium Apps” but there was no option to sign in somehow to use them. Under the circumstances, I thought maybe they had changed some policy or something and made the premium available for free. After all, there was no opt-in or other way to signify my desire to use the apps.

When the bill came, there was a $1.99 charge for “unlimited games.” Turns out, when you order drinks the lock comes off the games and if you use them at all, it’s $1.99. This seems QUITE unfriendly to parents and families. $1.99 may not be that much money, but I should definitely have the option to opt-in to the games.

With kids, as you know, you’re getting everyone seated, taking care of coats, mittens, hats, and a plethora of kid paraphernalia. Then comes figuring out what each kid wants, etc. Without warning, the games are unlocked and any kid who is curious, which would be any kid, will investigate.

So, parents, be forewarned. When you go to Red Robin, you now have ONE MORE THING to keep track of. If you don’t care, then it’s no big deal. If you want the option to opt-in to your child playing the games, remember that they are unlocked immediately after drinks are ordered. No one will tell you about the charges until the bill arrives. I will be letting Red Robin know my opinion of this practice.


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