Jumping into the Arena


I had an idea today. Driving home after being with someone I was helping with decluttering, I realized that I really love being with this person and it occurred to me that I would like to spend more time with her.

Seth Godin’s blog is well-worth reading. He is tremendously creative and always encouraging his readers to try things, to ship their art, to think outside the box. His writings have been inspirational to me.

Other resources such as The One You Feed podcast and the writings and teachings of Tony Robbins have been valuable sources of jump-starting my creative thinking.

Although I cannot point to a specific post or podcast at this moment, I can tell you that the accumulation of this good input, the feeding of my “good wolf,” (as they talk about on The One You Feed), has been percolating and simmering. Today those good ingredients came together to create something new and exciting for me.

I have created a proposal for the possibility of becoming a Personal or Executive Assistant to the friend I helped today. I noticed that the ideas flowed easily and clearly. My energy level around the idea is high. After I finished the first draft, a cautious voice piped up shakily, “Better think about this; make sure it is perfect before you send it; who do you think you are.”


I recognized that voice as the voice of the fear of making a mistake, and I thanked the voice and let it know I did not need its input at this time. So, the proposal is complete. It is colorful and fun. Although I recognize that my friend appreciates my company, I don’t know if she will be interested in this idea. BUT I AM TRYING IT ANYWAY.

Can’t wait to see what happens next!




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