The Meowing Cat

Well, it may get me into trouble again, but I am going to post this. I stopped blogging because something I wrote caused a huge problem for someone I referred to vaguely once in a blog post. Today’s post is one I wrote a few months ago sharing the resolution of the story, from my point of view.

A Fable in the style of Aesop

Once there was a smol kitten.


As she traveled through the world, there were large and scary things everywhere.

One day she met another smol kitty.


He was funny and cute and so sweet and she liked him at once. The only problem was that he was from a faraway, terrifying jungle, which she was just sure were very full of kitten-eating, large-mouthed, big growlers. She closed her eyes and told herself, “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.”

Soon the funny, cute kitten wanted to take her to his jungle to meet his kitten family. “I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.” she told herself. Just in case, she took along her biggest sunglasses and highest heels so she would look much bigger to the scary jungle growlers.

Sure enough, when they arrived, the scary jungle growlers were VERY big and AWFULLY loud and didn’t seem to like her type at ALL. So, she used her OUTSIDE voice and hoped they would notice how BIG and SCARY she was, and thus not eat her before morning came.

Thankfully, she was able to escape with the funny, cute kitten before they ate her but she was pretty sure they didn’t like her big sunglasses and her high heels and her big voice that she used to scare them away. Little kitten was sad and angry and afraid that the kittens in that jungle would always think she was a Big-voiced kitten and would never understand that she was just a smol kitty who wanted to be loved and cuddled.

The two little kittens romped and played back in their jungle. They had adventures and watched animals frolic and laughed and played together. But then, a dispatch from the foreign jungle reached them. OH NOES. They thought smol kitten was MEAN and NASTY. Smol kitten cried and cried.

After many long months of feeling so sad, one of the foreign jungle kitties came to visit her jungle. Smol kitty cried, “Please don’t think I am MEAN and NASTY. You don’t understand at all.” Foreign jungle kitty just kept saying, “When you came to my jungle, you were MEAN and NASTY, smol kitten.” Smol kitty cried and cried.

Then all the kittens went to a lovely scratching post together and purred and licked themselves and ate lovely catnip. And the foreign kitty finally understood that smol kitty was a smol kitty who just wanted to be loved and cuddled and had only been wearing the BIG sunglasses and VERY HIGH heels and speaking with the LARGE voice because she was afraid of being eaten.

And the foreign kitty stopped thinking of the smol kitten as anything other than a smol kitten who just wanted to be loved and cuddled.

The End.

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