The Offended Kitten

A true story by Siouxsie

Occasionally, I look over my blog, and am filled again with appreciation for the opportunity to have created this blog and continued with this medium.

Whereas I posted in 2015 pretty much every day from January 21 onward, I have only posted a handful of times in 2016.

One of the ways bloggers get a lot of traffic is if they write about controversial topics. I’m not usually with-it enough to get in on very many controversies, but I accidentally wrote a blog post last year that turned out to be hugely controversial — for one reader. And that reader was so hurt and offended and distressed and bemused and sad and broken up about that blog post that she poured all that hurt and offense and distress and bemusement and sadness and broken-upness onto someone I love, and because I was visiting that someone, onto me.

I think getting into that huge, emotional disagreement really impacted me. I didn’t want to write anymore. I don’t think I have ever had a disagreement with someone who was so unreasonable. I put away my computer and stopped blogging, worn out by the intensity of that controversy. Had I MEANT to be offensive or controversial or had I not protected the privacy of the person, I could see them getting so worked up. It was just an ironic situation that the post itself was a celebration of  a new understanding for me, but was taken as a personal attack on the Offended Kitten.


But finally I decided not to let that Offended Kitten™️ keep me from blogging any longer. I love to write. So I’m back, and you’ll be hearing more from me about love and life and clearing space for joy.



4 thoughts on “The Offended Kitten

    1. You just feel free to get offended about anything you want. I’m not sure anyone else even exists who could go to the extremes that The Offended Kitten went to. It’s all a learning experience anyway!


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