Something New This Summer [Came]


Kepler enjoyed a new experience this summer — one week of Melodic Connections camp. The entire week, the only photo I managed to take related to this camp was this sign, which brought me a good laugh as I took it literally and imagined the people dropping off and picking up their loved ones while keeping the car in motion. Made ME laugh, anyway.

So, he spent each afternoon with a group of children and wonderful leaders playing instruments, dancing, acting, and listening to music. I had heard wonderful things about this camp and the organization overall, and I’m glad we finally got to experience what they offer.

I got an email from the director a few days ago. Seems their main studio was flooded in the recent heavy rains, and their building was not flood-insured. They lost everything. I know there are a lot of needs out there, and sometimes we may feel some compassion-fatigue, but I wanted to share this opportunity as a way of supporting this excellent organization. As I’m sure you are aware, every little bit helps. Thanks for considering helping out this group that serves a population near and dear to my heart.


You can see their gofundme here. I donated today!

Here is the story:

Melodic Connections is Cincinnati’s only nonprofit music therapy organization.  We serve nearly 500 individuals with developmental disabilities, ages 5 to 85. Our programs and concerts inspire and encourage audiences to recognize the value of exceptional persons and their contributions to the arts.

We suffered devasting losses in our studio due to flooding. Instruments, sound equipment, and furniture were submerged, tossed about and deposited hapazardly throughout our space. Four feet of water poured through doors and windows, ruining what was once a home to many. Our beloved studio, a space of joyful music making, is now unsafe, desolute, and destroyed.

In order for  Melodic Connections to continue services, we need your help. GoFundMe proceeds will go directly to replenishing ruined supplies: guitars, keyboards, drums, microphones, and speakers. With multiple concerts already booked for fall, and a vast majority of our musicians utilizing instruments from our studio, we need your assistance to move forward.

Although we’ve been devasted by this loss, our students can perservere through your generous support. Any monetary or instrument donations will directly help our individuals to engage with the community.  Together, we can empower musicians of all abilities, and provide every voice an opportunity to be heard.

Instrument donations can be dropped off at any Willis Music location  or sent to:
407 Vine St.
Suite 112
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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