Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together

A couple days ago, I told you about Melodic Connections, a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for people with special needs to make music together. Today, I had the opportunity to help them as they re-code the new instruments they have received. Look closely at the guitar Tommy is playing here:


They have a color-coded system for the guitars and keyboards. I didn’t know exactly what to expect when I arrived today, but I most certainly did not expect to receive the gift of participants sitting there playing and singing. I wish I had taken a snippet of video so you could see the joy as they played and sang.

One of the Melodic Connections therapists was playing the piano, and another was playing the drums, so there was a clear melody and rhythm underlying the entire piece. I just got so excited while I was there. I love making music; I love this population; and I love helping people. Maybe there is a place for me to be a part of this program beyond dropping Kepler off and picking him up after class!

I helped put these color-coded keyboards and guitars back into boxes as temporary storage until new accommodations are found.

I am just learning about this organization, even though I have been seeing advertisements for it for the past 8 years, and I am really enthusiastic about their mission and vision and what they are accomplishing.

They are now looking for a new space for their studios and offices. I guess their old building was completely ruined when it flooded. They also lost all of their office equipment, computers, copy machines, etc. Can you imagine? What would it be like if I walked into my family room and it had flooded, taking with it all the electronics in here? We would lose at least two computers, multiple pieces of the tv and sound system set-up, lamps, furniture, my grandmother’s antique china cabinet, files, records. And a whole lot more.

About a million years ago, Greg and I went to a Michael Card concert at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and heard a song that has always stuck with me. I’m sure I have even written about it before. The concert was later played on the radio, so I was able to record it. I do not believe I have the cassette anymore, but I about wore it out back then. The idea of the song was that there are needs within my reach, and others that are not. The ones within my reach are the ones I can do something about.

Melodic Connections is within my reach. Although I cannot fix everything, I can do the part of one person, and share my vision with others. On their website, they have listed some of the things that they still need. You can be a part of the rebuilding of this excellent organization! Thanks for considering how you can help!

Thanks for reading!

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