Runners’ Club

So, now that Kepler is in 4th grade, he is eligible for Runner’s Club, which meets after school twice a week. I signed him right up and my plan is to run along with him each day. Last week was the first meeting where we got all the rules and regs. The route is about 1/2 mile long, and the kids are working their way up to running a loose 5k at the end of October.

I’m not sure if this is related to Down syndrome or not, but he gets super hot when he is outside, so it’s asking a lot of him to be outside in the hot, late summer weather, and even more to ask him to jog. So far, he has been mostly willing to walk, and the max number of reps we have done is 1.

Although the majority of the kids are going to be working toward a 5k, as I do with homework, I will adapt the goal for Kepler to more closely match his desires and abilities. I think it would be awesome for him to run one full lap by the time we finish. We shall see.

In the meantime, since Greg was able to attend RC with me yesterday, he waited with Kepler after Lap 1, so that I could attempt to do a second lap at a steady jog.


There I am, coming in for a landing, proud as a peacock because I made it the entire way. Kepler stood at the “finish line” with his arms held open to give me a celebratory hug.

Any tips for encouraging Kepler to jog more of the route would be much appreciated!

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