I Love Apple and also not-Love Them


So, my go-to gal for Apple questions is my fine Apple Genius daughter. But in a case like this, since I know she already deals with a goodly number of customers who are frustrated with their phone or computer, I’ll take to the interwebz instead.

I downloaded iOS 10 the day it became available. Now, I often wait to download a new iOS until the bugs are worked out, but for some reason, I decided to go ahead this time.

Well, it’s got all kinds of new bells and whistles, but it also has made my phone extremely slow. Like my car in a traffic jam. Like my jogging pace. Like how I’m paying off my credit cards.

It’s done worse things to other phones, like make them not even work, from what I’ve seen on the web. So, maybe I shouldn’t be complaining. But, well, I am.

Because an update should actually improve things. That is my belief. It should improve things and it should most definitely not create additional problems like the phone being unable to open apps it previously opened immediately.

This is truly, truly a first world problem. It doesn’t compare to having to walk five miles to get water to use for cooking and taking care of personal needs. Water that has to be carried, and boiled before it can even be used. Yes, I have no problems at all when I look at the hardships of the people in the world who don’t have enough to eat, who don’t have water, who don’t know where the money is going to come from to pay a certain bill, who are unable to access medical care like I have literally at my fingertips.


So, typing that paragraph helped me calm the heck down.

I think the thing that is tricky about personal communication devices is that we have to do certain maintenance things every so often but people like myself forget how to do them because there is enough time between sessions that it’s like learning it all over again. Things like how to turn off find my iPhone, or where a certain thing is in the settings app on my phone. And the only reason I have any animosity toward Apple (or any other electronic device maker) is because they often change things without there seeming to be a good reason.

Sure, there is a good reason in the eye of the designer or the programmer or the computer engineer. But for those of us at the user end of things, sometimes changing those things just makes life difficult for awhile until we get them figured out again.

And maybe this is just a thing unique to me. I understand why stores and companies change things that aren’t broken, but I don’t necessarily appreciate the changes when I am trying to adapt to them.

I am smack in the middle of trying to figure out this phone problem. I know that someone at the Apple Store, who does this every day, would have no problem whipping through the steps and getting it done. But I don’t want to drive 20 minutes to the Apple store and then wait 30 minutes to see someone. I want to be able to take care of this myself.


I’ll get it figured out. I know I will. But darned if I’m not a little perturbed about having to figure the same things out over and over. OK. Rant over. Back to work, figuring out how to make my phone work like the excellent machine that it is.

Ok, kids, as you were. Thanks for reading.


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