Focusing on … 20 Things?


Haha. Good old Jeremy. Forever a teenager, immortalized on the funny pages. But also a good example of what happens sometimes when we try to do more than one thing at a time.

And, frankly, today I am not certain what my day would look like if I truly decided to focus on one task as a time. Kepler, as a task, kind of makes it unlikely that I can really focus on one thing at a time unless I plan not to get one single other thing done during the day except when he is at a lesson, or school, or with a babysitter.

I’m not giving up. I’m becoming aware. I’m grateful for his non-stop patter and questions. He stretches me, makes me laugh, and gives me things to think about. But trying to get anything else done, especially without interruptions, can be pretty tricky.

Today’s baby step is to just give myself a little break, and stop expecting myself to be able to be with my child full-time AND accomplish ALL the things.


2 thoughts on “Focusing on … 20 Things?

  1. What Greg said! 🙂 Also, I’m a fan of single tasking. My take is that really you can only accomplish one task at a time anyway. Doing the laundry while doing something else isn’t really multitasking to me because you have to stop to put in the clothes. Then you are really no longer engaged until the machine is done. I may listen to a book which is due for book club while cleaning or ironing. That may be multitasking but stretches it for me. My gut feeling is we are all actually single tasking most of the time but are we paying attention?


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