I love an Addict

I’m gonna wrap my heart

in thick, bright tape

lots and lots of it

to stop the pain of loving

this precious child whose

heart is broken.

im gonna wrap my brain

with brown paper and green string

to hide the worry that he won’t make it

that his love for altered states

will make it impossible

to live in a world of beauty

hidden under heartbreak.

No. Wait.

i will not turn off my life

my love, my thoughts, my dreams

i will hold on to believing

that he has what it takes

to beat this. To win.

to be the  beautiful person he is

beneath the lies and thief of addiction

my child.

my child.

my child.



4 thoughts on “I love an Addict

  1. Dearest Susan, I just read your poem and you capture the absolute pathos, sadness and helplessness of the situation. Wow, how deep and sad. I’m with you, how I wish I could make it all better for my child!


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  2. I Also Felt that pain, my son the Addict!!! As a parent we want to fix it but we cannot!! My son is 5 years sober i pray for him every day!! Ur poem spoke to me thank u susan praying for y’all!!

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