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So If I Get Outside My Comfort Zone . . .

do I HAVE to be uncomfortable?

I guess I don’t really get outside my CZ very often, maybe. At least not the way I did today. To make a short story shorter, I decided to do something for a neighbor. But she didn’t come to the door — her grandson did. He was a little different — singing jaunty songs, speaking in accents, and in the time it took to drive from their house to my house (about 5 houses away), he told me that he and his dad both had received 2 DUIs apiece.

Wow, did my mind go wild after being around him for a few minutes. The grandmother never came out, so I am hoping she is truly in the house watching TV as he said. And I got all worried about him — he told me he has cystic fibrosis. Also, when he told me about the DUIs, he mentioned that he had a “pot history” which was his “worst crime” unless you count him “missing [my] Bible studies.”

I guess all that doesn’t mean anything nefarious, but I’m not usually around people who just volunteer the fact that they’ve been arrested. I decided to walk home after I completed the job (cutting the grass, which was why I was in his car — he brought me and my lawnmower to his house because his lawnmower didn’t work.)

It just threw me off a bit. I believe my motivation was to help this older woman. She had told me her son and grandson who live with her cannot cut the grass for allergy and health reasons. I don’t know. It was just kind of uncomfortable. The yard sure looked better, though. I’m sure it will all be fine. Just kind of weird.