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Strong, Eye-Catching Post . . .

this is not. But I know how it feels to visit someone’s blog and have NOTHING new to read.

So, it’s Wednesday here. I had personal training scheduled this morning, but with a substitute trainer because Javier is taking an intensive chemistry class for the next three weeks. Unfortunately, in addition to Javier not being available, the sub called and cancelled 30 min before my session. I’m thinking it is possible that I was too understanding. I know how easy it is to say we’ve “been up all night” even if it isn’t the case, not that he wasn’t up all night. I don’t actually know whether he was or not. But he also forgot about the session, according to him. So, was he up all night because that was a more acceptable thing than oh gee I forgot? Or was he up all night and so he forgot? We’ll never know, but inquiring minds WANT to know. Good thing I don’t have an inquiring mind.

Let’s see if I can carve out 90 — X that — 60 — X that — 30 — X that — 15 minutes today (think Kaizen) to lift some weights. Usually I work out with weights for an hour, then do cardio for 25 minutes. And the driving takes about another 40 minutes. So I manage to set aside 2 hours twice a week to go to a trainer. Let’s see what I can accomplish on my own at home today!

Will let you know1