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Old habits die hard, it seems

Or maybe we’re just always seeking equilibrium. 

I wheeled the Rosie (Aussie word for garbage bin) out to the street today, reveling in the sunshine and the breeze and the moderate temperatures, a little out of the ordinary for Ohio August. These days are known as the dog days, which, haha, they literally are for me, but not weather-wise. As I sauntered out to the street, I suddenly realized I was feeling guilty because I’m not crazy busy now that the kids are back in school. 

Somebody’s voice piped up in my brain, “Ahem. It has come to my attention that your house is a mess. Cluttered! Messy! Needs attention! WHY ISN’T THIS DONE.” That last bit wasn’t even a question. Somebody thinks they have me pegged. Ugh.

We humans, at least many in the western world, give speeches, preach sermons, write books and teach workshops on slowing down, enjoying the now, letting go of all the busy, and striving mightily to learn to arrive early, take our time, smell the flowers, enjoy the sunshine, hug our kids, go for a walk. 

It’s great to figure out we want to arrive early. It’s important to know why we want that. It’s fantastic that I’m not running like a marathoner all day long currently. I love being able to leave early enough that I’m not stressing about rushing here and there. But it’s a habit to think I’m not doing enough if I actually can leave early enough not to rush. 

As fast as life moves and changes, who knows how many more days of summer there will be where I can feel the cool shade, feel the grass on the bare feet, and take my time? So, Somebody, thank you for your opinion see ya later bye.” 

Can you relate? When is the last time you really enjoyed some carefree timelessness without rushing toward the next thing?