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Lessons from a Pond

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I don’t know how many years it’s been now since my nature-loving, beauty-loving, plant-loving husband built this pond; something more than three and less than sixteen. It has provided so much pleasure to us over the years with its underwater playground of fish, annual re-emergence from the icy winter cover, gentle sounds of the fountain, enjoyment of shopping and planning when it’s time to re-populate, and a peaceful entrance to our home.

As I was thinking about today’s blog, I wanted a huge beautiful blooming flower to emphasize my writing. While I could get one on Google, I really would like to begin using more of my own images on my blog. The lily in the top photo is from our pond, and although it is only partly blooming, it reminded me that it still has, and I still have, some areas where the bloom is not yet as full as it will be. Even though there are many new things happening in my life, I know there may be areas that are yet to open up and bloom.

In the meantime, the pond is a reminder to me of natural beauty, and offers me a tiny slice of the wilderness that I love. Watching the plants thrive is still miraculous to me, and calls me toward stepping into a bit more gardening. Considering the fish that live through the winter under the ice amazes me, and reminds me to be strong in the face of cold and darkness — a new day is always coming.