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To the Day: You Oughta Be in Pictures

IMG_3662 4

The sun almost completely obscured this loving moment between Kepler and his big brother.

IMG_3665 4

Kepler with the special treat of his big brother and his girlfriend coming along to swimming lessons.

A piece of clipart taking the place of a short video of Kepler swimming which I can’t figure out with my tired brain tonight how to upload and insert here.

IMG_3688 3

A visit to our puppy, Rocky, who will be coming home for good on Wednesday.

IMG_3682 3

Eli having a sweet little moment with Rocky. Rocky is just the sweetest dog.

IMG_3687 3

Kepler admiring his new little buddy.

And we finished off the day by going to a super fun party. Maybe the funnest thing Kepler has ever been to. I’m definitely feeling like it’s the end of the day, with the logical amount of energy present for such a time as this.

Good day, though, sunshine.

The Rain of Regret

The rumble  of remembering

What I have reviewed

And revisited
How it has resembled
Yet has refused
To recalibrate
The rain of regret
Falls relentlessly.
Should I don rain boots?
A slicker macintosh?
An umbrella?
The reign of regret
falls Steadily
Until it stops.
Retail therapy
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Into each life
A little rain must fall
Let the rain of regret
into the reign of love.