Who am I?

A solutions coach for parents who want a more joyful experience of parenting. For you this means one on one coaching focusing on your solutions to the challenges you face. My coaching process puts you in the driver’s seat, which gives you the confidence that the solution you discover is exactly right for you.

An enjoyable and down to earth public speaker for groups who enjoy sharing time and space with someone who transfers life experience into relatable stories. For you this means a satisfied audience who is left wanting more!

An experienced blogger with multiple resources for you or someone you know. For you this means online resources you can return to again and again, such as blog posts and YouTube videos. My Panic to Power cd, created with three world champion public speakers, can be enjoyed on CD, or imported into your iTunes account and enjoyed on your mp3 players.

A warm and wise woman with many years of relationship, parenting and life experience

Discover your Yes with Susan

5 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi, Susan,
    I decided today to come visit your blog, but I am having a bit of trouble getting around, so far. Under “Read All About It” I chose the post on Drug Addiction and Recovery, having been an Addictions Counsellor with a BSW. I thought that might be a goog place to start. I hit the title, but nothing happened. Are these titles not links? I tied hitting the dots behind the title too, but still nothing. Am I missing something.


    1. i started my blog years ago with little tech savvy, so no they are not links. however, if you type the phrase “drug addiction and recovery” in the search function, any post with that tag will appear. thank you for pointing out an important item i can update.


      1. My pleasure. If you can update it that would be wonderful. My blog has an archives section, but I have no idea if it has a search engine. I have never seen my blog from a readers point of view.


    2. i apologize for those not being links. while on the site on firefox i was able to enter that phrase into the search bar and all posts with that tag appeared. i created this blog ten years ago and i see it is time to modernize some of it!


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