Who am I?

A solutions coach for parents who want a more joyful experience of parenting. For you this means one on one coaching focusing on your solutions to the challenges you face. My coaching process puts you in the driver’s seat, which gives you the confidence that the solution you discover is exactly right for you.

An enjoyable and down to earth public speaker for groups who enjoy sharing time and space with someone who transfers life experience into relatable stories. For you this means a satisfied audience who is left wanting more!

An experienced blogger with multiple resources for you or someone you know. For you this means online resources you can return to again and again, such as blog posts and YouTube videos. My Panic to Power cd, created with three world champion public speakers, can be enjoyed on CD, or imported into your iTunes account and enjoyed on your mp3 players.

A warm and wise woman with many years of relationship, parenting and life experience

Discover your Yes with Susan

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