A New House for Siouxsie and Fam?

My parents live one mile from us, in the house I grew up in, and have lived there for almost 48 years. They are the only ones who have ever owned the house. Dad’s knees are starting to complain about the steps he must climb each day so they are considering buying the house next door to them. If they do, I know who wants to buy their house. We do!

I love their home. Not only is it filled with happy memories and laughter from my entire life, but the actual house is wonderful. The kitchen looks out onto the backyard, and I dream of watching the kids play in the backyard while I work in the kitchen. My mother is a wonderful decorator and is a beauty magnet, so their home is beautifully decorated. Warm, beautiful, comfortable.

There are a few things that would have to happen before the big switcheroo could take place, namely, we would have to sell our house. But it can happen! I look forward to seeing how it all plays out.

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