Look What I Found in the Storage Room

One of my children, who shall remain nameless, wrote this list when she was age 7. She prepared this list the night before we were to attend a concert at the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This list is a perfect example of how she has always been an organized person from early on. The rows say the following:

To wear///Black Velvet Dress///White Sparkling Shoes///White Coloerd Tights

To take///A box of tissues if nessisery///”money”///This list///My ticket

DO///Listen to sphmony///say it was the best you ever heard///try to meet 2 players///if do, ask how long they have been playing

DON’T///Complain about sphmony///Say it was too loud///Say the players were teribble///Ignore everybody


7 thoughts on “Look What I Found in the Storage Room

  1. Wow, this is a priceless artifact. Either aforementioned child was extremely thoughtful at a young age, or she was good at listening to instruction on proper behavior. Either way, this really is a neat “portrait”.


  2. Thanks Elan and inthewoods for your comments! It's always exciting to have new people visit my blog. Welcome! As I have been going through the storage room I have come across several ways I memorialized the cute things my kids said and did when they were little. I know we will have many fun times reliving those sweet memories.


  3. Aww..whoever wrote that must have been the cutest, most organized seven year old in the history of the world! Even if she couldn't spell symphony, but come on..that's a long word.

    Clearly showing some fashion initiative here. Why money is in quote marks, I'm not sure.

    And just so everyone knows, she didn't complain that it was too loud. I- I mean SHE has always loved the sphmony. And still does.


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