Five Days Since My Last Post?!?!

What in the world have I been doing?

Well, the truth is, another has stolen my heart, or at least my attention for the time being. I set up a blog for our homeschool organization this week and it took some doing to get an email sent out to everyone about it. Feel free to check it out right here. I promise I will be more thoughtful, trustworthy, and regularly posting.

3 thoughts on “Five Days Since My Last Post?!?!

  1. OMG you find the cutest/funniest pictures for your blog posts. You’ve been missed over these last five days! And I enjoyed perusing PEP. xo, mjm


  2. siouxsie – was that your mom who used OMG? Wow! My mom wouldn’t know a computer acronym was if it hit her in the face! My mom asked me the other day if we could charge her batteries (they were regular alkaline disposables). Technology is a bit of a drag for her….Anyhow – you are living life a bit on the edge – you don’t have word verification OR moderated comments? I am praying you’re still wearing your seatbelt in the car? 🙂


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