Highlights of the Game

My family and I spent the afternoon at the Great American Ballpark watching the Cincinnati Reds play baseball. Today was Disability Awareness Day, sponsored by Mass Mutual, and we were given tickets by our financial planners. In addition to the special day, our wonderful pediatrician was given an award by Exceptional Parenting magazine and we got to see him out on the field receiving the award. He is such a special doctor, taking awesome care of all the kids, but especially Kepler, because he has a son with Down syndrome and many patients with DS, so he is just a great doctor for us.

Although the Reds lost, we all had a great time, with the possible exception of the couple in front of us who endured not a few bumps as we went in and out the aisles for various and sundry things. Sorry guys. I did ask at one point if they have children, and they said yes. I figured if they didn’t have children, all the jostling might have really been getting on their nerves, but all was well.

Here are a few photos from the trip. You’ll see that I managed to get Greg’s shoulder in one photo at least.

3 thoughts on “Highlights of the Game

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  2. I think bank loans is a big fat liar because “he” could NOT have read this somewhere else. Duh. But it’s the first blog spam I’ve gotten so it’s kind of exciting. We’ll see if bank loans has any loser spammer friends who are going to leave bogus comments. If so, I “might” have to disappoint my pet. But then again, I would hate to jeopardize getting comments on my posts from real people who might be verificationally-challenged.


  3. Wow, what a huge rippling muscular shoulder that guy has! He must be one buff dude. I bet his brain is giant as well.


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