Readin’, Writin,’ and ‘Rithmetic’

Good news on the education front this summer. Kepler and I are working together regularly for significant periods of time and I can see him gaining confidence in his burgeoning reading skills and his developing number skills.

Just wanted to let you all know also that I am getting REALLY good at choosing the rectangle from four different shapes, selecting the correct three-letter word, counting items to put into containers (five balls! nine teddy bears!), and saying the sounds of the letters we are learning.

I may not be able to remember how to do all the punctuation anymore (see the title; I can’t figure out whether Readin’, is right, or Writin,’). But darned if I’m not just as good as they come at phonics, sounding things out, making learning fun, and learning as I teach.

I spent tons of time before the summer researching every curriculum I could find, and I invested in several things. One month in, I am fine with having all those resources, but this one program (Reading Eggs/Math Seeds) is really filling the need very nicely. I am amazed at the balance of variety and consistency in the program, and I am just thrilled that I found this program for Kepler. He loves it and asks me every day to “do Eggs.”

So tonight, instead of rocking out at the 5th and final Chicago U2 concert, which I had imagined I might do, Kepler and I practiced counting backwards from 10 to 1, filled in the missing numbers from 6-10, counted, counted, and counted some more. I daresay Kepler probably appreciates my presence a little more than Bono, Adam, Larry, and Edge would have. And tomorrow I’ll still be able to hear.

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